Hrvoje Tomasic 

Mandica Tomasic

Zrinka Tomašić

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was born in Zagreb. He graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in violin from the Academy of Music, University of Zagreb and Medical University of Zagreb. He has appeared in numerous recitals and festivals as a soloist, and in quintets, quartets, and as a soloist accompanied by orchestras. He has improved his performance at seminars in Croatia (Strings Only! – Zadar, Opatija) and abroad (Austria Semmering/Reichenau, Germany/Hammelburg, Italy/Monfalcone) with prof. Sorokow, Grigorjan, Meunie, Devich, Keller, Mezö, Ksezowietz, Schuhmayer, Muck, Höbarth, Kluson and others.

In 1996 he won the first prize at the National Contest of Music Students.
In 2000 he performed with the ZOKOR Orchestra in Vienna, Austria.
In 2001 he won the two first prizes at the Croatian Music Students Contest .
In 2002 he won first and second place, two first prizes for the piano quartet performances, and was awarded a special prize by the International Association of Music Teachers «EMCY».
In 2003, at the International Contest Etudes and Scales he won the second prize (the first place was not awarded) and was awarded a special prize for the best performed compulsory composition.

In Zagreb and Varaždin, he won the first prize at the state contest in 2003.
In 2006, he won the first and third prizes at the Croatian Contest of Dance and Music Students.
He was a member and founder of the Zagreb Youth Quartet, with numerous performances and successes –an independent concert at the Vittorio Venetto(Italy,) International Competition opening night in Italy, performances in Germany and Austria, an independent concert in Zagreb etc. He has actively participated and performed in international projects as a member of Vienna Young Philharmonic. He has recorded for Croatian Radio and Television on multiple occasions.

He performs with his mother and sister in the Tomašić Trio with consistent success at home and abroad.
He is member of orchestra „Camerata Medica Wien“.
He lives and works as medical and violinist in Vienna.

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MANDICA TOMAŠIĆ, music teacher, conductor, composer, poet
She has successfully performed with a choir in Gradišće (Austria), Mimara Museum, Hall Preporodna dvorana, Concert Hall V. Lisinski, Kajkavian festival in Zlatar (regularly), Varaždin, and at numerous choir festivals. In 2007 and 2008 the Primary School Vrbani Choir with conductor M. Tomašić won a Silver Medal at the contest in Varaždin where her composition was performed, and earned a Golden Medal in 2009.

She has recorded for Croatian Radio and Television and has recorded an album at the Kajkavian festival Zlatar. She has authored the text and music of many childrens’ songs and sacred compositions.

For the 50th anniversary of HKM Cologne, and 10th anniversary of beatification, Mandica Tomašić composed a panegyric in honour of Blessed Chardinal Stepinac, premiered by the mixed choir of HKM Cologne. The choir was conducted by Zrinka Tomašić on the occasion of the beatified chardinal’s bust inauguration in Minoritenkirche in Cologne.

In December of 2008 the Trešnjevka theatre in Zagreb premiered her Christmas musical “The Holy Night of Betlehem“ performed by the “Tomašić Trio“ and the choir. The Musical’s premier was received with great enthusiasm and a standing ovation. Ina replay in the full concert hall of Lužnica castle, the audience was taken by surprise with the inspired libretto.

In the Church of St. Mark in Rome 2013, M. Tomasic’s compostion, „Psalm 31, In Te Domine speravi,“ was premiered by conductor Nikolay Bogatzky, Trio Tomašić, organist Kim Mihee and choir Academicus.

September, 2015, the Croatian premiere of her “Psalm 31 In Te Domine speravi“ and panegyric in honour of Blessed Chardinal Stepinac, presented by conductor Jurica Petar Petrač, organist Pavao Mašić, and church choir “Cantores Sancti Marci,” took place at St.Mark’s church in Zagreb.

In November 2015 , Mrs Tomašić had her first exhibition of floral miniature images titled “Gift of God’s Naturee” in the Convent of St. Claire Gallery, Dubrovnik.

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was born in Zagreb. She gave her debut solo recital at sixteen. She graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano from the Academy of Music, University of Zagreb, St.Cecilia Conservatory, and received a Master’s Degree from Papal Institute for Sacred Music, Rome, under maestro Antonio Sardi de Letto.
She received a grant for postgraduate study in Rome from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At her graduate recital she performed the premiere of her own composition „Ave Maris Stellae.“ She has been awarded two Janka Šanjek Fund prizes for outstanding acomplishments in piano performance (1995, 1996).

In 1995, Tomašić participated as the only student at the State Wind Instrument competition, performing as an accompanist to a clarinetist , and winning the second prize . In the same year she won the second prize at the state piano contest.

She has given multiple solo and chamber recitals with her bother (violin) at home and abroad (Italy, Austria, Germany), and has excelled as an accompanist with the Zvjezdice Girls’ Choir, Primary School Vrbani Choir, and others.
Tomasic’s compostions of spiritual and classical music as well as covers of sacred, folk and popular tune,s compliment her skills of improvisation. She has recorded for Croatian Radio and Television. Additionally, she can count performances with such world-renowned artists as N. Kazimirova, M. Kandelaki, A. Katz, S. Moeller, and other.

In 2007/2008 she worked with artists in Cologne, Germany, where she performed as a conductor and organist for mixed and children’s choir HKM Cologne. She has also worked with artists in Germany and Italy.

In 1999 Tomasic formed the «Tomašić» trio with her mother and brother playing mainly sacred selections including their own and folk compositions, which they performed with success at home and abroad. In the same year the family trio recorded an album, «The Love of Christmas» featuring their own compositions.

In December of 2008 Tomasic composed and premiered, with her mother, brother, and the Primary School Vrbani Choir, the Christmas musical “The Holy Night of Betlehem“ composed and written by Mandica Tomašić.

In 2006, along with her mother and brother, Tomasic formed an art association «Studio Nebo», and she serves as its art director.

In February 2013, at St. Mark’s church in Rome, Italy, the conductor Nikolay Bogatzky, organist Mihee Kim, and the choir “Academicus” premiered Tomasic’s Mass in honour of blessed chardinal Stepinac.

In September2015, The Croatian premier of the Mass in honour of blessed chardinal Stepinac presented by conductor Jurica Petar Petrač, organist Pavao Mašić, and church choir “Cantores Sancti Marci” took place at St. Mark’s church in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2016, Zrinka performed a concert „Piano duo in honour of St. Blaise“ together with Korean pianist Kim Mihee and brother, violinist Hrvoje. This concert was organised for the occasion of the 1700th anniversary of Martyrdom of St.Blaise and was supported by the City of Dubrovnik.

Zrinka premier of her miniatures“ The Cross Way-City“ in July 2015,Dubrovnik was a collaboration with three artists; poet Maro Jović, painter Ivana Jovanović Trostmann, and composer and pianist Zrinka Tomašić of Maro Jovic’s Poeme “The Cross Way-City“.